Saturday, 18 February 2017

Things I Ate All The Time But Don't Miss

Chips and Dip
Beans And Cheese On Toast
Tomato Sauce On everything
Spaghetti Bolognese
Chilli Con Carne And Rice
Danish Pastries
Chicken Strips
Ice Cream
Garlic Cheese And Crackers
Dairy Milk
Bourneville Dark Chocolate
White Wine
Sunbite Crisps
Salted Peanuts

SCD Week 5

Been working away a few days this week and it's been hard to find SCD friendly food. Twice I've ended up getting kebab meat and salad and once I plumped for a roast chicken for £2.50! I ended up eating most of it over 2 meals. Not ideal but there you go. Better than Maccy D's.

On my cheat day run I did 7 miles (longest yet). I ate some wine gums while running, or rather put them in my mouth and then spat them out - I could actually taste the cherry flavouring in the red ones and found all of them unappetising.

I ate a fish finger and cheese toasted sandwich for dinner and had 2 and a half slices of Asda pizza. That was all it took for the roof of my mouth to get sore.

Drank a can of diet coke - slowly - could just about take the sweetness.

This week I lost

1kg (2 lbs)
1 TI
0.3 BMI

I've given up measuring the comically inaccurate body fat.

In total I've lost

6.5 kg (14.3 lbs)
8 TI
2.4 BMI

and today at Parkrun 191 I ran 1.03 faster than last week even though I felt I was taking it easier. That's 1:06 off my PB.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Parkrun 190

I ran 5k faster by 6 minutes!
This is the first running session I've done without stopping.

SCD: Things I've Learned

Check For Extra Tickets

At my weigh in today I was horrified to discover I'd put on 15kg this week. 

I was even more horrified to discover I was 3 inches shorter than last week.

Then I was annoyed/relieved to realise the machine was on the fritz.

After I weighed myself on a different machine, I went back to the first machine and tried again. That's when I discovered TWO tickets in the machine. 

Yep. The machine was OK. Someone had left their ticket in the machine. 

SCD Week 4

This week was my birthday so I ended up having 2 cheat days.

A family meal on Sunday and then my official birthday on Wed. 

And so I gained 3lbs. No surprise. But I lost an inch from my waist!

This week I gained

0.1 BMI

But lost 

2 TI
6.3 Body Fat

Overall I lost

5.5 kg
8 TI
2.1 BMI

Sunday, 5 February 2017

I Bean Writing Poetry

The Haricot Bean, the Haricot Bean
No other pulse is quite so obscene
Often heard, but rarely seen
L'odeur de la mort: The Haricot Bean

Saturday, 4 February 2017

SCD Week 3

This week I lost

3 TI
0.3 BMI
2.2 kg

I gained 7.6% body fat!!!! - after some googling apparently those machines can be really random - so I'm not going to set any store by that

Overall I've lost

6 TI
2.2 BMI
7 kg (15.3lbs)

I think my face is getting a little thinner

I'm delaying my cheat day till Sunday so I can have a birthday meal with the family.