Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Fass Ben Da Furious

Slow West felt 'wrong'. Off-kilter (Kilt=Scottish geddit?).

Like the director of Babe tried to make a Tarantino film.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Board In School

"Our guitar teacher is the best from everyone"

Sandcastles And Trees

If you want your life to have meaning then everyday build a sandcastle and plant a tree.

Build a sandcastle. Do something beautiful and disposable simply for the sheer hell of it. Honour the moment then it let it go. Show kindness. Give anonymously. Smile at a stranger. Give a compliment.

Plant a tree. Do something towards a huge, possibly eternal, good that you will probably never live to see fully come to pass. Campaign, write a book, raise a child, build a hospital.

Disposable beauty and eternal significance.

Justin Beerber

Sunday, 10 January 2016

James Hong: Man Of Many Roles

James Hong is an actor who makes any film better just by being in it. His most recent film is R.I.P.D. where he appears as 'Nick's Avatar', but he's best know for playing

Chai, Chai Wan
Chan, Chang
Chen, Chen Ming, Chen Ying
Ching Lee, Ching Sun
Chow, Chow Ting, Chin King
Chu, Chun Lee, Chun Yen, Chung Lin

and also

Lee, Lee Chan, Lee Chow, Li Chou, Li Peng, Lee Pow, Lee Wong and Lee Wenying.

Kwan, Quan Lee, Kwan Loon, Quan Dong and Qwan Lok.

Wong, Bing Wong, Wing Fong, Dao Lon Wong, Charlie Wong, Kim Fong, Lim Fong, Mayor Tong, Su Long, Jack Wong, Terry Wong, Jeff Wong, Morris Fong, Billy Joe Fong and Ti Chong

And who could forget him in roles such as

Barry Chan, Charles Fong, Charlie Chung, Daniel Chin, Dave Cheng, Ben Lo Pan, David Lo Pan, David Tao, Dean Chang, Edward Hee, Eric Ling, Frank Chen, Fred Kim, Henry Chin, Jimmy Ling, Johnny Chang, Joseph Han, Leonard Soon, Louis Kew, Louis Quong, Mark Liu, Seymour Kwan, Sid Ching, Thomas Ping, Tom Kagawa and Tony Yang Sr. as well as Harry Lee, Larry Lee, Ned Lee, Phil Lee and Robert Lee.

A large amount of James' roles have been bereft of a first name, like

Mr. Chang, Mr. Chau, Mr. Chen
Mr. Chew, Mr. Chin, Mr. Chung
Mr. Hong, Mr. Kwon, Mr. Darawan
Mr. Lee, Mr. Lin, Mr. Lon, Mr. Luc
Mr. Ping, Mr. Rhee
Mr. Shaw, Mr. Song, Mr. Soo, Mr. Sung
Mr. Wang, Mr. Wong, Mr. Wu, Mr. Yu
Mr. Tagasaki, Mr. Takato, Mr. Yamagashi, Mr. Yamata


Drs. Chang, Chew, Chin, Chung & Chen Ling
Drs. Po, Fong, Hong, Law, Low, Lee, Pao, Shen & Tsu
Drs. Wilde, Wing, Wong, Yang, Dr. Dentworth & Dr. Van Fleet
(Not to mention Professors Chang, Chen, Chan & Perkins)

James has also enjoyed a long career in the military, starting as a Young Sentry, before rising through the ranks as Pvt. Osano, Cpl. Ikura Lee, Capt. Chang, Maj. Chong & Maj. Thon

to become Col. Chan, Col. Chengsu, Col. Ikuda, Col. Li Trang and Col. Zhou Peng

before promotion to Gen. Chao, Gen. Soon, Gen. Nieh, Gen.Trau and Gen. Rangavara

and finally, the ultimate honour - Gen. Hu Phlung Pu (say it out loud).

James has made a peaceful contribution to society too as Village Elder, Head Elder, Dour Monk, Supervisor Monk, Priest, Shaman, Holy Man, High Lama and the Dalai Lama

Ethnically versatile he has appeared as Japanese Man, Japanese Draftsman, Japanese General, Vietnamese Lieutenant, Asian Leader, Chinese Ambassador, Chinese Officer, Chinese Policeman, Chinese Waiter and Old Chinese Man

And though he has played Asian Man #1, Doctor #2, Hop Sing's #3 Cousin, Judge #4 and Fifth Brother he has had a chance to shine in less generic roles such as

Abacus Adder, Adam Chance, Bobby Birdsong, Groucho Larson, Hannibal Chew, Johnny Staccato, Peking Tom, Super C, Sven, Ba-Ba and Jon Leibowitz.

Marx Bros Tropes 6: A Night At The Opera (1935)

  • Film Opens At Dinner
  • Groucho Keeps Bowing
  • Groucho Dances
  • Margaret Dumont (Mrs. Claypool)
  • Leading Man Has Low Self Esteem (Allan Jones)
  • Allan Jones (Ricardo)
  • Walter Woolf King (Lasparri)
  • Harpo Abused By An Employer
  • The Anvil Chorus
  • Pompous Arty Guy With A Goatee
  • Sig Ruman (Gottlieb)
  • Travelling By Boat
  • Drinking To Waste Time (Water)
  • Harpo Destroys An Instrument (Violin)
  • “Do You Rhumba?...”
  • Harpo Gets Undressed In One Move
  • Harpo The Multi-Instrumentalist (Tin Whistle, Piano, Comb And Paper, Trombone With A Bow)
  • Cosi-Cosa (Song)
  • The Brothers Enjoy A Slap Up Meal
  • Harpo Plays The Harp
  • Chico Plays The Piano
  • Harpo Plays The Piano
  • Marx Brothers Stowaway
  • Keeping It Surreal (Butterfly In Beard, “He's Got Insomnia he's sleeping it off”, Going Back For Gas)
  • Harpo Cuts Things (Beards)
  • Harpo Eats Everything (Tie, Cigar, Cup)
  • Harpo Throws A Gookie (Twice)
  • Ordering More (Beers, Hard-Boiled Eggs)
  • Harpo's Hand Is A Brush
  • Harpo Rips Clothes

Hooray For...

“hey, you big bully. What's the idea of hitting that little bully?”
“I'll take two beers too”
“We can tear up the speech when we get there”
“Ridi, pagliacci I love you very muchy”
Three Hard-Boiled Eggs
Getting Fed By Immigrants
Minor Character Gets A Laugh “What's going on here?” “You mean what's coming off here.”
Park Bench Tableau
Orchestra Fight
“Boogie, boogie, boogie”

Never Darken My Towels Again!

Alone (You Will Be If You Keep Singing!)